Truth Proof Report 199 - Something following my car in the early morning attention?

photo of the lights
reported April 24th 2023

Followed by lights - details sent to the Truth Proof website

Date of event: November 1994 – approximately 5:45pm

During the winter of 1994 I was working at a financial institution in Bingley and staying with a relative living in Hebden Bridge. This involved a drive twice a day over a ridge from one valley to another in order to get to work, or get back from work.

It would be the return journey one evening when an incident would happen that I have yet to share with family members, never mind the wider public.

The journey home, which started around 5:30pm, involved driving northwest from Bingley towards Keighley along the A650 and then I would turn south along the A629. I then took the A6033 towards Oxenhope which would take me over the ridge, or "over the tops" as the locals would describe it.

The A6033 was a twisting, turning road with plenty of hills and dips as it hugged the topography. I had passed the Wagon and Horses at Oxenhope when I noticed a couple of lights behind me in the distance. They would randomly appear then disappear, but I thought nothing of it, thinking the motorcycle or car (though the lights appeared too closed together to be a car) was simply following the road and my sight of the lights was lost as it went down a dip. I didn't know the road that well so my attention was naturally on where I was heading and ensuring I wasn't caught out by sudden dips or turns ahead.

I was travelling between Oxenhope and Pecket Well when I noticed the two white lights were gaining on me and getting closer. I assumed it was a motorcyclist who knew the road well or who wasn't adverse to taking a big risk in the darkness.

With each dip and turn the lights got closer. Was it a motorcycle or a car / van with the nearside light out? I couldn't tell and my concentration was taken up keeping a reasonable speed for the road ahead. Then, after hitting the bottom of one dip, the lights were right there behind me. "My god, he's misjudged the dip and he's going to hit me" I thought. The lights were so close and so low that I physically ducked behind my steering wheel and tried to get a view of the road ahead whilst gently touching the brakes.

No sooner had a I done that, than the lights appeared in front of me and then disappeared passed the next hump in the road. As I crested the next hill there was no sign of the lights at all. I felt confused. Odd. Yes it had been a busy day at work, but I wasn't that tired that I would see things.

I reached my destination in the next valley south and sat in the car for a good thirty minutes trying to make sense of what had happened. All these years later, I've still yet to come up with any logical explanation. Back then I had no interest in UFOs / UAPs but that night leaves me with many questions and few answers.



Paul Sinclair comments: Thanks for this. Confidentiality respected. Every report we get like this makes the phenomenon more real. This is report 199 - I wonder who will send in report 200? Three UFOs landing in Bridlington harbour would be nice.

wagon and horses oxenhope, photo thanks to Rick Harrison, via flickr

Wagon and Horses Oxenhope, photo thanks to Rick Harrison, via flickr


Paul Sinclair

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