Truth Proof Report 197 - orange orbs in the sky

photo of the lights
reported April 21st 2023

Orange orbs moving in the sky

Date of sighting Sat 3.4.23

Hello Paul, my name is Gavin P and I live in South Birmingham at the foot of the Lickey Hills in Rednal.

I had an experience x2 in 2010 and one during lockdown 2020.

I have only spoken to a close family member and my closest friend.

November 2010 around 2130hrs, I had my curtains open, as i live in a first floor flat and I love to watch the night sky.

What seemed to just appear in the sky opposite my flat were 3 orange orbs parallel to each other. They were big, Paul, it was hard to estimate distance though, but they were big!

After maybe 10mins of these orbs being still, the left side orb appeared to move towards the central orb. Then the right side orb moved into the central orb but didn't appear any larger. Then it faded gradually and was gone.

The last thing on my mind was reaching for my phone which would have made sense. But this notion didn't enter my head until the following morning.

The following month Paul, it was the same scenario: listening to music with curtains open and reading my book. Out of the corner of my right eye I noticed a purple blue glow. I jumped up. This will sound crazy but it's true!

It was hovering approx 5 metres from my window, it looked like a glowing rugby ball shape, but imagine it was split in half folded out with what look like pulsating bluey purple veins. Imagine a circuit board glowing and pulsating. The colours were bright and it felt lovely just looking at it. After a short time it moved further down my road, I watched it move approximately six buildings down. By this point I had run out of my flat and it was still hovering around 6 houses down. Then moved to the opposite side of the road and I watched it travel above the tree line back up the road until it went out of site.

I was shaking afterwards, but the memory of the glow was unforgettable - it was just beautiful to look at. Again the notion of picking up my phone didn't come until the morning. This sounds nuts I know, I know what I saw and will never forget.

My last experience, Paul, was just when lockdown happened. I was then my Mum's carer, and sadly we lost her in 2020. In May of the same year I was sitting outside out at the front of the house with my cat. I was pondering over my flower garden and taking in the bird song. I glanced up into the sky; it was a hot afternoon; blue sky and just small wispy clouds present.

I saw a bright white circle or white orb just sitting there. The sun was to my right and this orb or circle was to my left, and then everything went quiet and two white butterflies came into my field of vision. I do meditate and have arrived at some sense of calmness at times but this felt nearly euphoric.

I hope you get the chance to read this I appreciate how busy you must be. I really enjoy your work Paul. You and Les do a fantastic job.

Thank you for the opportunity to report my experiences, it feels therapeutic as its not the kind of thing you can just drop into a conversation. Wishing you all the best Paul and really looking forward to Wolflands. Yours Sincerely,


Gavin P

Paul Sinclair comments: Thanks Gavin. You certainly have a sharp eye and can take in beauty and emotions well. Keep in touch.

view of lickey hills

Lickey Hills to the south of Birmingham


Paul Sinclair

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