Truth Proof Report 200 - more lights at Bempton!

photo of the lights
reported May 1st 2023

Followed by lights - details sent to the Truth Proof website

Date of event: 24th August 2019

Hello Paul, hope you and the family are well.

When I met you back in September, I told you about the last time that I had been to Bempton just before COVID. I had seen and got some photos of what I am sure was a couple of people walking along Danes Dyke.

Listening to your show on Thursday, you mentioned someone had seen lights moving along the Dyke. You can ask him if they looked like this......

The lights in the photos moved about a slow walking pace and did not move as they did in the photos. That is due to a slow shutter speed on my P900. Hope you enjoy them and sorry for the poor quality.

PS. The date and time. 24th August 2019. 2103 till about 2140. When it got to dark to take more photos I was still watching them till they went out. I was camping on Wold Farm.



Paul Sinclair comments: Thanks for this. Thanks for the photos - a picture paints a thousand words.


Paul Sinclair

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