Truth Proof Report 190 - a light form in the sky

photo of the lights
reported April 8th 2023

mysterious light form over Driffield, reported directly to Paul

This report is incomplete as it stands and is the subject of ongoing investigation. It was mentioned on the Truth Proof podcast of 6th April.

On Wednesday Day the 5th of April at 5.50am in the morning two men travelling from Bridlington to their place of work saw something very unusual in the early morning sky as they passed through Driffield.

The Witness told Paul that at first he and his friend saw two bright orange objects close together in the sky. Adding that they were quite high; then the the objects seemed to disappear from view, he said they did not fly away. They just vanished, then seconds later he saw a row of the same bright orange objects that seemed to disappear in the same manner as the first two.

He then said he saw another one that vanished as fast as it arrived.

That was when decided to take out his phone and try to capture them on film. Suddenly another one appeared lower in the sky. It seemed to be pacing the car, but that could have been an illusion as the car was travelling along side of the sphere and the object may in fact have been stationary.

I have seen the footage and it can clearly be seen as the car travels past trees and the fencing of properties before coming out into open land. The object was now in full view for a few seconds as they left the tree line, then it suddenly retracted and became nothing more than a pin-prick of white light in a matter of seconds.

Paul subsequently reports:

I (Paul) went to Woldgate the following morning at 4:15 a.m. and set up cameras in the hope of catching a glimpse of the phenomenon, I have noted that after a sighting the area becomes active for days, even weeks, so based on that decided to set up cameras in the hope of catching them on film. If i can get frame grabs I certainly will do so.

Paul: As already stated this is a high quality typical anomalous light sighting, which I am still investigating. As sightings like this tend to come in "bunches" please, those local to the East Coast do whatever observation and research that you can and let us know promptly. Thank you. I hope to correlate this information and feature it in a future book or broadcast.

Notes from another very similar sighting have just come in:-

Hi, my account if needed.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

0615,0620 ish

Just outside Wetwang coming from Garton on the Wolds.

On the right hand side in corn field I saw a white/ silverish ball of light with like rough edges hovering about 1 to 2 feet from the floor , it’s size was just less than a football

This was seen from a Luton style van so pretty high up and could see clearly over the hedge into the field.

At first I thought it was a reflection of the sun but realised the sun had not risen and was still early dawn, so the light stood out more.

It was not a torch as there was no beam to it. Can’t explain what it was as I never stopped as I was in a moving line of traffic. > Could see nothing in daylight that could explain the light. Maybe some one else saw it or something similar......V

Thanks, Mall

driffield countryside

countryside near Driffield


Paul Sinclair

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