Truth Proof Report 192 - classic UFO in the sky

photo of the lights
reported April 15th 2023

UFO shy about being photographed, reported to Paul Sinclair Truth Proof website

Date of sighting Sat 3.4.23

4:15am in Eyemouth. Out in the cliffs on my own, and I just 100% had a UFO go right over my feckin head. Orange light in the middle with white flickering lights round the outside, spinning and moving fairly quickly in a curve right above my head and defo below the clouds.

It did a big sweep from my right side to above my head then curved round from above me to my left, then in front of me in plain easy view, then jerked off at a sharp sudden angle to my left. It was spinning the whole time just like the classic flying saucer style you always hear of. There was zero sound; all very smooth and peaceful looking.

The crazy thing was, I was in the middle of a 30 second camera exposure when it happened and i was 100% certain I must have caught it on camera! But when I checked, the fecking thing had avoided being caught by the camera. It flew right at the very edge of where my field of view finished; when I traced its path with my eyes, I could see that the flight path was precisely in the shape and place it would have needed to be to avoid being caught in my camera lens field of view😳.

It was as though it was flying towards me to check me out, but as I clocked it the thing smoothly kind if U-turned in a sweeping curve away from me then darted off left over the sea, spinning in a smooth motion. But it never once tilted: it stayed horizontal to the floor the whole time😳. This was the best and most bizarre sighting I've had to date. It was brilliant to watch; I got a bloody good clearish view of it too, round in shape with possibly 5 or 6 white lights all twinkling in an alternating sequence like a fairground light - 3 on, 3 off, sort of thing.

I have this weird feeling like it was trying to sneak a closer look at me until I spotted it. Had i not looked up at the stars, I would never have known it was even there. I didn't feel scared, I actually felt lucky to see it. It was almost like it wanted me to see it, but it defo seemed to sneak up. When I saw it, I said out loud to myself ‘what the feck is that???' Feckin' hell - it's a UFO. Holy shit - it's a UFO’ and started smiling to myself😃 Shame it never got caught in my photo, it was like it was playing, and knew it had avoided my camera😃. It can't have even been 300ft above my head, the clouds were behind it (above it)


Paul M

Paul Sinclair comments: Wow Paul, a pretty classic case. Yes, lucky man. And how typical that it avoided being photographed. They seem to know.


Paul Sinclair

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