Truth Proof Report 196 - sighting of what could be a lynx

photo of the lights
reported April 21st 2023 directly to Paul

Or, what else could it have been.....?

Date of sighting - 2003

Hi Paul

I've just been listening to part two of your Q and A on you tube re the big cats.

I had an amazing big black cat sighting last summer, camping out near Chapel en le Firth in the peak District, but for now I'll tell you about my other big cat sitting that is from the North Yorkshire coast.

About 20 years ago I saw a big cat at Sandsend just up from Whitby, East Yorkshire. It wasn't a black cat either.

Me and my husband (now ex), were staying in our van at the small car park at Sandsend, by the beach. We used to stay there every weekend. One morning I woke up early about 6am desperate to go to the ladies. There was a public toilet in the car park and I very quietly got out of the van, to not wake my husband and son who were still asleep. Our van was facing the sea, with the back doors flush with the chain link fence at the back of the car park. Behind this chain link fence there were some old small boats and lobsters pots and stuff looking like they were stored there. This went back for about 15 feet and then a small craggy cliff went up from there.

As I got out of the back doors a movement caught my eye as I saw the long tufty grass move. I thought I was imagining it, but the next second there was a huge cat standing dead still on one of the small upturned boats looking straight at me.

It was very thick set and muscular; it had distinct makings on its face and huge tufts sticking up on its ears. It was beigy grey in colour with black marking. It was definitely dog size and very powerful.

I had never seen anything like it in the wild. I think it was definitely real and not paranormal..... It stayed for a few seconds then disappeared in a bound into the foliage. I woke my husband to tell him and he said it sounded like a lynx.

All these years I casually told everyone I saw a lynx near Whitby, but it's only since I've been listening to your stuff about big cats that I googled it and lynx were supposed to be extinct from Britain since the 16 century! Yorkshire was supposed to be the last place they lived. I am convinced it was a lynx I saw. It looked just like the ones in the screen shot below


Rachel Evans

Paul Sinclair comments: Thanks Rachel for taking the time to write to us. It all adds to a mysterious picture.....




Paul Sinclair

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