Truth Proof Report 195 - object over London

photo of the lights
reported April 21st 2023

A number of curious photographs and video

Date of sighting 10th August 2015

Hello Paul, I’ve seen numerous strange things throughout my life but in the last five years things have gone into overdrive.

When I’d point my camera into a section of the sky from my balcony something would appear ……..90% of the time and I don’t mean birds or flies.

They are hard to see with the naked eye so I developed a system of recording numerous clips lasting 30-60 seconds.

It was a hot windless summer's day on the 10/8/2015 and I visited a few tourist spots around west London trying to see if I could record strangeness in other locations.

I set off about 10 am and filmed my segments at Kensington gardens, Albert hall, Buckingham palace and the Houses of Parliament ……I managed to capture something at each location. To be honest with you I didn’t feel any sensation whilst filming but I have on other encounters.

I only noticed what I had captured once I was home. At first I only noticed the black moving object enter the screen from the left and zip across the screen. My brain couldn’t compute fully what I was seeing & this effected my judgement on the hovering object which I thought was a large ventilation fan on top of a building.

It was only a couple of days later when I noticed that the hovering object wasn’t a ventilation fan…… I’ve seen the object a few times and managed to capture its transforming shape.


Conduit Seven

Paul Sinclair comments: thanks for this.What an interesting range of shots. I can offer no explanation. You prove that you do not have to be in the wilds of Bempton to encounter the anomalous.

photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting photograph of the sighting

a range of smartphone pictures of the event and a video


Paul Sinclair

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