Truth Proof Report 194 - cryptid with red eyes

photo of the lights
reported April 18th 2023

Cryptid seen on site of old mine

Date of sighting about 2005

Follow up from my comment on YouTube video ‘The creatures that stalk the landscape’

Blackstone Edge, Littleborough, Lancs

I do not remember my exact age at the time but I must’ve been about 9/10 years old (I’m 28 now) playing out in the field of the old mine shaft behind where we lived.

One warm summer's evening, as dusk came, it was almost fully dark and we were about to go inside. My cousin and I saw stood only about 30 yards away, in towards the middle of this plot of land and looking right at us, were two big, bright but deep solid red eyes and a silhouetted shape of a big dog that they belonged to.

We both noticed it at the same time and I don’t recall us saying a word to each other, we stood stock still, and I remember clearly the shock and fear I felt. It was just stood there face on, just looking at us. The body wasn’t clear to see because of the darkness, and it was silhouetted against the dark sky, but I remember the stuck up ears and a large lean but muscly frame. Its eyes were big and a very deep, bright red.

We must’ve only looked at it for about 3 seconds before we both started to run in pure fear to the corner of the field. We jumped over the stile and ran as fast as we could to my cousin's house and ran inside and upstairs. We never looked back to see if it was still there, or chasing us, however I still live there (we lived on opposite ends of the same row of houses, my cousin having moved since but her parents live there still) and this field has a footpath running along two edges of the field which I still use frequently.

I have seen nothing since except the odd deer in there, which is what I would be most inclined to believe our sighting was, except I clearly remember it being very dog shaped, with a big wide head and very unnatural large red eyes. My cousin remembers this also and we were familiar with deer at the time and we are both absolutely certain that what we saw was the shape of a dog, and it’s glaring red eyes are unforgettable and were very unnatural.

I understand that it is not uncommon for accounts such as this to be seen and being related to grief or even deaths, and my dad has told me that three miners were killed in the shaft when the lift pulley broke and they fell to their deaths.

The plot of land has recently come up for sale so I will attach a link to it with the pictures. Photos 1 and 6 show adjacent fields.



Paul Sinclair comments: thanks for this. Cryptids seem to show up in all sorts of places. Interesting the possible link with the deceased miners.


Paul Sinclair

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