Truth Proof Report 193 - light in the sky

Date of sighting Tuesday 11th April 2023

Filey Bay Lights..... e mailed to Paul

Hi Paul,


Inspired by your podcast I brought the family to Filey Bay resort, a nice small house in the newish development.

We did the RSPB Bempton on Tuesday - fantastic. Last night I walked towards the awesome cliffs, along the beach, starting at 7.30pm ish. I wanted to catch the sunset and see if I could spot anything strange.

At 8.30pm I had reached maybe 400 m from the cliffs; the sun was very low, and I turned back. I kept looking over my shoulder back at the cliffs, hoping to spot something.

Amazingly, a red / orange light appeared 80% up the cliff face, and floated uniformly down towards sea level. At first I thought it was a helicopter,as I was maybe 1 to 2 miles from it. It then hovered over the sea, turned white, and disappeared.

I walked again back towards the Bay Resort, occasionally turning around to see if it reappeared. It did! I watched then as the white light slowly split in two, a smaller dimmer one emerging, and slowly floating maybe 100 to 300m apart. I could just make out that the distance between the objects was about the same as the height of the cliffs, but they were obviously hovering over the sea, and it was now dark.

The whole incident spanned 8.40pm to 9.50pm ish. If it were a drone, it was silent, and had a significant battery life, plus the ability to split in 2!

I have videos with commentary and photos. See attached examples below. I was mostly on my Android phone at full x10 zoom, and caught photos of the two lights after they split apart, as hopefully you can make out.

I need a second opinion , even the expensive drones max out at 28 minutes battery , and I don't understand how they would split in half in the slow manner I witnessed, it was like one gave birth to another slowly, as it emerged from the main one. Also why would a drone operator hover the drone over the sea.... still and silent for so long. I can't rule out an advanced drone, military based or a multi millionaires play thing.



Paul Sinclair comments: Thanks Richard for this report and the footage. Yet another anomalous lightform visible along this stretch of coast. Who knows?? It does not sound very drone-like...


Paul Sinclair

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