Truth Proof Report 191 - yellow light in the sky

photo of the lights
reported April 13th 2023

Mysterious light form seen near Huddersfield, reported via the Truth Proof website

I've had a few unusual experiences over the years and will share one, which you and your readers may find interesting.

This was a sighting of something strange in the sky which happened about 10 years ago. I didn't make an exact note of the date or time but it was around 6pm, late summer August or September time of the year. It's very rural where I live and behind my home there is a cemetery and woodland / park area.

That particular evening it was very overcast with low dark grey clouds moving in a southerly direction. As I walked along the path I noticed something heading towards me in the clouds. My initial thought was is that it was a meteorite coming down as it was an orange yellowy red colour and I stood looking up watching as it passed right over me. I quickly realised it wasn't a meteorite as it moving too slowly.

It was in the clouds, though going in the same direction as the clouds and moving through them. If I were to hold my arm / hand out holding a large sized orange, that was about how big it looked. Describing it is difficult, I know what it wasn't, a meteorite, a lantern or a flare, though a flare might best describe what it looked like.

There was no sound, so I knew it wasnt some aircraft or light from one.This object was extremely bright, glowing , very much like a flare, I can only describe it as a fire like ball of light travelling about the same speed as an airplane, though that doesn't do it justice. I've since read about plasma balls of light and wonder if this could have been one, though it must have been quite large. I watched it pass overhead and head off in a southerly direction and it appeared to slightly change direction and veer to the right until l lost sight over a tree line.

I wasn't scared, more curious and baffled by it than anything and the only thought that I had was that this things on a mission going somewhere. Incredibly I believe I saw the exact same thing again the following day.

Walking my dog again, mid morning, around 10am, light cloud and blue sky, I looked up and much higher up in the sky heading in exactly the opposite direction, there it was, travelling through the sky glowing orangey red. I'm convinced it was the same object though I only managed to see it for a few seconds the second time due to embankments either side of where I was walking. I've since witnessed things on two other occasions, though not identical to the first sighting they were equally as spectacular.


Ian W

PS The area I live and where I saw this object is Huddersfield west Yorks, more specifically an area called Meltham. The cemetery and woods I walk the dog through is called Lockwood cemetery and Beaumont park.

Paul: Thanks for this - yet another strange light doing strange things......

Paul: Ian has since just sent us two further brief accounts, which are certainly worth sharing too.

2nd sighting

The second sighting of a strange object I saw happened again whilst walking my dog in the same cemetery ( Meltham area of Huddersfield ) where I witnessed the reddish orange glowing object in the clouds.

This happened three years ago during the summer months , June/ July time, around 3 pm in the afternoon, with a mainly clear blue sky. Where I live we often see commercial aircraft overhead approaching with their front light on, though not usually with a light on during the daytime, but I thought at first this is what I was looking at in the eastern sky.

I stopped and watched it because the light seemed different, much brighter and whiter coloured than a planes headlight, though I initially put this down to the sun shining behind me in the western sky. After about a minute I began to question whether or not this was in fact a plane as it didn't appear to be heading / moving forward, but rather just sitting there in the sky shining brightly.

What happened next took me by complete surprise: the light didn't appear to move, but the whole sky around it changed from a normal blue sky to what I can only describe as a blueish neon colour , almost like a flash before it faded back to a normal blue sky, and the bright object vanished in that instant - flash! I've no idea what I witnessed, whether it was something entering our atmosphere or something leaving but it was a truly amazing sight.


3rd sighting

Last year during the summer, my wife and I had been out shopping and stopped for a coffee at a Leeds Road retail park in Huddersfield. It was around 10.30 am in the morning, a clear bright beautiful morning with blue sky. As I pulled away in the car from the retail area and approached a junction to stop at traffic lights, my wife said "Look at that!" and pointed towards the sky through the front windscreen of the car.

In the sky were two long silver whitish cylindrical / cigar shaped objects, one directly behind the other, no wings no markings at all. We saw them as clear as day, travelling about the same speed as an airplane, i would guess around a 1000 ft high in the sky travelling very close together. Visually they each looked about an inch or more in size, silvery pearl white, one travelling directly behind the other with what looked like a haze or hew around them. My wife commented that they had a mist around them. I actually only saw them for a few seconds as I was sat at the junction ready to turn left, but my wife was able to see them longer and turned to look at them for a few seconds more as I manoeuvred onto the main road. It was definitely two separate craft, one travelling closely behind the other, they didn't appear to be joined together by anything I could see.

This was broad daylight and not a cloud in the sky, they were travelling in an eastern direction, I cant say whether they made any noise as we were in the car with the engine running but I didnt hear anything like an aircraft sound and they must have travelled directly over huddersfield town centre heading east.

Beaumont countryside



Paul Sinclair

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