Truth Proof Report 185 - yellow light in the sky

photo of the lights
reported March 2nd 2023

yellow light in the sky

Hi Paul,

Experienced this last night, thought it might interest you guys. I was driving from Bamburgh to Seahouses at 9pm yesterday Tuesday 21 Feb 2023.

Odd solid light in sky, same temperature as old car headlight, warm tan yellow. Un blinking traveling straight down, not fast not slow. Seemed large. No noise but I was driving and had the radio on. Trialled down then faded and grew small before blinking out. Could see hill tops and this was obviously above them and clearly in the sky. Parked at Howick and could see three aircraft in the distance presumably coming or going from NC airport. All small and distant compared to other light.

RAF Boulmer would have been ahead in the distance so I do not discount flare although colour temp seemed too warm compared to modern flares.

Steve B

Paul: Thanks for your report Steve. As you say it could have been something like a flare, but who knows.


Seahouses is a popular beauty spot. Maybe with distant visitors too!


Paul Sinclair

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