Truth Proof Report 184 - UFOs over Bridlington

photo of the lights
reported March 2nd 2023

sighting and photographs sent via the Truth Proof site

Hi Paul,

This is perhaps a bit delayed but only encountered your reports page recently.

The sighting was back in May 2019 but I'm not exactly sure of the date. I was driving down Grindale Lane, Bridlington, in the mid afternoon and stopped at the Junction with the main road. As soon as I turned the corner I saw the 3 craft stationary against a clear sky. They appeared to be in the position approximately above the Priory Church. If that was the case I'd estimate them all to be of equal size and perhaps 250 - 300 feet in length, cigar shaped from the view I got and white in colour with a number of perhaps portholes down the side. They may have been larger and further away but this was difficult to estimate.

I had only a glimpse of these and in the time it took to check my rear view mirror, with the idea of stopping, and then looking back they had disappeared.

See attached map below.

Only a short report I'm afraid but wondered if there was other sightings or activity around this time. Regards


Paul: Thanks Rob - I am sure other folk must have seen this. I can't recall any reports at that time.

map by Rob

Map produced by Rob


Paul Sinclair

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