Truth Proof Report 186 - ufo experiences

photo of the lights
reported March 2nd 2023

Hi Paul,

Writing this article let me say right at the outset, that I have never been particularly bothered about UFO's, but rather they have bothered me. I class myself as an ordinary, private individual who wishes to remain anonymous. However, I have known the magazine editor for some years, since I first spoke to him regarding one of my sightings for PRUFOS. (Being a retired Police officer) .

I will relate, to the reader, three experiences that have interrupted my otherwise normal life. I will describe the experiences in as much detail as possible and leave out any speculation.

My first and perhaps my vaguest experience, due to age and time elapsed, occurred when I was pre-school age. (I am now in my sixties). At that time, I lived with my parents in a small semi-detached house in a small mining village called Darfield, near Barnsley South Yorkshire. I had already achieved the dream of having my own bedroom, which was tastefully decorated with cowboy and Indian motif wallpaper. On the night in question, something woke me but I can't say now what it was. My bedroom was always lit by the street light that shone through the window. Being young and wary of the dark, I always insisted that the curtains were left open so that the room retained this comforting half-light.

Whatever woke me that night put me in a state of alertness, and I peered out from behind my covers scanning the room. Even though this occurred so many years ago, what happened next had such a terrifying effect on me, I still remember it vividly to this day. Two figures floated out of the bedroom wall. These figures were approximately three to four feet tall but had no defining features. They looked a little like the plasticine children's TV character 'Morph', but with no face, they seemed to be made of shadow. The figure floated out from halfway up the wall and gently touched down on my bedroom floor. The strange thing was (if this wasn't strange enough already) the wall in question was adjoining, and the only thing on the other side of it was my parent's room.

At this point in proceedings, I began to scream my lungs out. In an instant, my parents came running in my bedroom, switching on the light. The two figures had vanished, and I was in a highly distressed state. I tried to explain what had happened, but my mother rationalised that I had a nightmare and figures in the wall was merely the figures depicted on the wallpaper. I tried to argue against this simple explanation I knowing that wasn't what happened, but to no avail. I spent the rest of the night in my parent's room. I never saw the figures again, but there is a strange footnote to this story. Many years later, in my adult life, I was at a family gathering where everyone regaled each other with family stories. My father, probably in an attempt to playfully embarrass me recounted the night I screamed my head off, due to a 'nightmare.' My mother jumping to my defence dropping another piece of information that I had hitherto been unaware. "I blame that big white owl," she said. Afterwards, I naturally questioned my mother about this statement. It transpired that my parents had heard a strange noise coming from my bedroom for several nights around that time. Thinking that I may be sleepwalking or up to mischief my father would look in on me, only to find me fast asleep and a large white owl sat on my bedroom windowsill looking in.

I am aware that Owls are a common theme in alleged alien visitation, and there is a theory that they may be used as an implanted screen image/ memory. Was that the case here?

My second encounter occurred when I had been a Police Officer for ten years, and I witnessed the sighting through a police officer's eyes. If I had reported that I had seen a woman bundled into the boot of a car, my statement would have launched a nationwide search, but I knew that to report what I saw that night would have led to nothing more than ridicule, so I said nothing. An interesting side note, the 'Belgium wave' incidents occurred around the 29th November 1989. Over a three-night period giant, black triangular craft was sighted by hundreds of witnesses (including Police officers ) over Belgium.

My sighting occurred nine months later on the evening of 25th August 1990, and my then-wife and I had attended Manchester's Main road football stadium to see the band, Fleetwood Mac.

At the end of the concert, it took some time to get out of the makeshift overspill car park and through heavy traffic. As a result, we were driving over the Pennine hills on the Woodhead pass, back towards Barnsley, around midnight. This forced me to drive toward the central white line on the road. I also kept my speed down to around 10 to 20 mph. Due to the late hour, the road was quiet, and my wife, who was working early the next morning, wound her seat back and tried to get some sleep.

Due to the mist, I cannot say precisely where I was on the Woodhead pass other than I was somewhere nearer the Barnsley end, than the Manchester side. On several occasions, my attention was drawn skyward due to bright flashes, which I put down to sheet lightning. (though there was no accompanying sound of thunder). While looking skyward, I saw the nose of a huge black triangular craft push through the low cloud. Though black, this craft was brightly lit by its own lighting, and for this reason, I could see it in detail despite the mist.

As the craft emerged further, I could see that it was approximately 200 to 300 feet in length, if not larger. And floated about 150 to 200 feet above the road, travelling at, I would estimate, ten miles per hour. Much of the craft's illumination came from the undercarriage, which appeared to be open revealing something that looked like a large hanger space. The inside of this hanger space seemed constructed of bright metal, much like brushed aluminium or steel, and I could see superstructure, including metal gantries, stairs and walkways. All of which had handrails.

Although the craft appeared to be floating at slow speed, I can say that it was not a balloon or lighter than aircraft. It was of solid construction. I slowed my car to a virtual stop and wound down my driver's side window. On doing this, all I could hear was a low and barely audible humming sound, much like the noise given off by electricity pylons.

As the craft turned slightly, I saw a row of large floor to ceiling windows, each approximately 10 to 15 feet in length. The windows appeared backlit with a pale blue light, and through one, I could see two or three figures looking out. Though I could not see them close up, or in detail, there was nothing about the size or proportion of these figures that looked anything other than human.

The craft eventually drifted back into the mist heading in the direction of Huddersfield. The whole sighting lasted only a few seconds, and my wife awoke only to see the back of the craft disappear into the mist. I naturally asked her about what she had seen, but she was very non-committal, and it became apparent that she didn't want to discuss the incident.

After that sighting, I always kept one eye on the sky. But it took twenty-six years before I had my second sighting on Thursday 6th October 2016. On that day, I was at home a few miles south of Holmfirth. I had just been to deposit some household rubbish in the bin, and glancing in the direction of Holmfirth I saw a cluster of bright lights. The sky was clear and cloudless and relatively light. My home is on the main flight path for Manchester airport, so I am used to seeing conventional aircraft and their lights. However, these lights seemed to be much larger, and after observing them for a short time, they did not appear to be moving. My curiosity piqued, I went indoors and brought out an old pair of binoculars.

Using the binoculars, I observed the lights, which appeared to be predominantly red, green and some white. All of which seemed to blink. It was still difficult to distinguish what I was looking at at this stage, but I kept watch until the craft eventually tilted forward on its axis, and I could see it was an isosceles triangle shape. All three of the leading edges appeared to be a bright green colour (reminiscent of green neon light). Running down the two longest sides were rows of red lights that also seemed to run down the craft's centre. These lights appeared to blink on and off in a random manner. It wasn't easy to see any other detail, due to the distance and the brightness of the lights.

The craft hung in the same location for approximately thirty minutes. Often appearing as just a cluster of lights, but on occasion when it tilted it would show its triangular shape. At 21.20 hours, the sky was getting darker, and at one point there was a flash of light, and the craft instantly disappeared and reappeared about ten inches to the right in my field of vision. Due to distance, the craft could have travelled around a mile or more, in real terms. The craft then slowly drifted back to its original position. At around 21.50 hours the craft moved slowly off in the direction of Manchester eventually disappearing from view.

An interesting side note to this incident is that I managed to contact the editor of this magazine Gary Heseltine who lives near Holmfirth during my observations. Gary managed to capture some footage of the lights, and via a local press release, he managed to locate another witness who saw the triangular shape of the craft.

So there you have it, my three recollections of being bothered by possible UFO's. I have made my accounts has detailed as I can and leave it to you, the reader, to draw your conclusions. In closing, I would like to add that I have no recollections of abductions or any other strange occurrences outside what is presented to you here.

A retired police officer

Paul: Thanks for your reports. We have decided not to split them up as they flow well together and paint a patchwork of your interesting life (especially Fleetwood Mac)

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Paul Sinclair

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