Truth Proof Report 183 - lights in the sky

photo of the lights
reported February 27th 2023

sighting and photographs by Emma sent to the Truth Proof site

Strange lights 27th February 2023

On the evening on 27th of February 2023 I got Red alert for Northen lights. Just after 6pm I have packed my camera and went with my children to watch and photograph Aurora Borealis.

Live on the Yorkshire Wolds, just good half an hour drive from Flamborough.

I parked in North Landing Flamborough car park. The weather looked not good at all. It was blowing wind and rain from the sea. I though that I wont have a good chance to see them tonight. Took a few shots outside with 5 and 10s long exposure. Just to see if they are visible at all. I was outside. One car pulled up next to me. A man came out and spoke to me about Northen lights. That he saw them once when he was fishing years ago.

After a chat and a few shots we went to our cars to get warm. I have started the engine to get the heater going. I looked on my Aurora phone app and the Aurora activity went down from red to amber alert. I thought that might wait for another half hour and head back home. There were a few more cars in the car park turning up. Another car came and parked to my left. I kept taking long exposure shots from inside my car just to see if Northen lights are visible through a camera.

Just before half past seven I saw a sudden bright light far in the distance, new its nothing like The Northen lights. In a split second a few lights become so bright orange for a very short period of time, like a chane of lights and disappeared as fast as they came. Still had my camera on a timer and long exposure. Got out of the car. Put my tripod down and took a few more shots. The same gentlemen came out from his car with whom I had a chat before and asked me if I know what them lights were. He told me that he was from Hornsea. Came to watch Northen light with his wife. She had an app on her phone for the northern lights too. We had a little chat about those lights. After few minutes another man who was parked next to my other side of the car came out and asked about those orange bright lights. He said that he had travelled 60 miles to Flamborogh to see the Northern light display. I had to leave and go home due having kids in the car and it was getting late for them. I have attached a few photos that I have took. One from my car and another from getting out of the car. The light near the horizon was a boat. There was a camera shake in the photo taken from my car. Even boat light look moved sideways due to my camera shake. The photo from outside has a little less camera shake. I hope my report will make some sense. Please, correct my grammar, as English is not my first language.

Paul: Thanks Emma for this - your English is fine! Obviously I find the picture taken outside of the car more convincing. I don't know what the lights are. No obvious explanation. Also have a look at this Truth Proof report

photo by Emma of the
            lights photo by Emma of the lights

Photos by Emma herself


Paul Sinclair

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