Truth Proof Report 182 - a trio of lights

photo by Paul of the lights
reported February 14th 2023

(another!) personal sighting by Paul Sinclair and friends

3 Strange lights Tuesday 14th February 2023

This sighting of the three lights is the second thing that I have seen in 7 days from Bempton Cliffs. Consider that there are 24 hours in a day and I cannot possible be there all of the time. I think that is highly likely that other things of an unusual nature are happening when I am not around.

We arrived at the cliffs just after dark, it was a little low mist out at sea but the skies above that was clear and filled with stars. Apart from seeing a few shooting stars the night was uneventful, then at around 8.30pm I turned and saw a group of 3 stars that looked unfamiliar. They were very bright and stood out bold from all of the others. I was looking NE over the sea, it took a few seconds to register that the lights were actually moving away from us. But as soon as I realised, I picked up the camera and began to film them. They were totally silent and moved away as one object, I imagined a triangle on its side moving into the distance.

Although it moved away as though it was one object, it must have been huge considering the apparent distance between the points of light.

Subsequently Scott wrote sent me the following also relating to Tuesday the 14th

Evening mate! Long time no speak! Hope all’s well with you!

I just saw your post about the three lights in formation at Bempton.

Yesterday morning as I was driving to work along the A69 (I drive from Carlisle to Washington and back everyday) at around 7:30am I saw three similar lights moving steady NxNW in the vicinity of the flight path for Newcastle Airport.

I was driving into sunrise and it was clear with a little low level haze but visibility was good.

At first I thought it was a plane out of Newcastle Airport with its take-off/landing lights on but it was moving off away from me so I shouldn’t have been able to see those lights as brightly as I could.

They moved in a flat triangle formation as if attached to a craft with a flat bottom but they were too far away to see what was between them properly, even though I thought I could see a darker shape silhouetted against the red morning sky.

Now, I was travelling at a steady 50-60mph along a relatively quiet stretch of the road, having shared the road with haulage and local traffic for most of my drive.

I watched the lights move away and quickly fade out like someone twisted a dimmer switch.

Almost simultaneously, I detected a flash in my periphery to my right. I turned my head whilst still watching the road ahead. I managed to take in the landscape for a few seconds in short glances and I saw it there, over the fields and above a copse about a kilometre away.

The three lights, triangle formation, much closer this time. It looked like there was a shape between the lights that, whilst appearing solid, looked to be a shade or two darker than the amber and pink sky behind it.

Almost as if someone had held up a flat piece of tinted glass against the sky.

I looked away for a second as a truck approached and when I looked back it had gone entirely.

This morning, a colleague (with whom I often discuss the strange and unusual) came over and asked what I thought about the UFO seen over the North East the day before, a story I was totally unaware of!

I told her what I’d seen and we agreed something was going on in the area.

As a side note, I often have Flight Radar open on my iPhone as I travel because I’m always interested to see what’s above me. Most mornings I see the Dubai to New York flight (an A380) come over and on a blue sky day you can clearly see the plane at the head of a contrail, imposing as they are, even at 36,000 feet!

Thought you’d be interested to know!

Paul: Thanks Scott for this - stranger and stranger......!!

photo by Paul of the light
photo by Paul of the lights photo by Paul of the
            lights photo by Paul of the lights

various shots, exposures and magnification of the strange triangle


Paul Sinclair

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