Truth Proof Report 181 - light in the sky ~ missing time

reported February 14th 2023

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

28th November 2020

Hi Paul

I briefly participated in the Steve Stockton Live stream on 9th February (brilliant live stream btw) and shared a snippet of my experience and was asked by the chat participants to contact you, so here it is.

To start a little very condensed history..

My interest in the UFO subject began in late 1999. A friend had asked me to come down to his martial arts club in Strensall, just outside York, as a guest instructor for the evening. Once the class finished at 9pm I asked my friend if there was quicker way back to the A19 avoiding the retail park near by. He said "yes, it'll save you about 15-20 mins going down an unlit country road".

He gave me directions & I set off, came to the country road & turned down it. Between 5 - 10 mins down the country road I hit a huge, thick fog bank, slowed right down, drove through it & came out of the other side in about 20 seconds, or so I thought, and shortly after that joined the A19 and continued my journey home.

I'd done the Redcar (my home) - Strensall - Redcar journey many times (not using the country road though) and the journey never took longer that 50 mins each way.

I arrived home at what I assumed was around 10pm ish, checked my watch, and it showed 11:30pm as did the clock on my dashboard! I'd lost around 90 mins & had no idea why! This began my journey down the Rabbit Hole.

Once I had a decent internet connection I researched everything I could on the UFO subject. Between 2000 - 2008 I had many unexplained and paranormal experiences/ufo sightings (with pictures) & joined many internet forums in my search for answers, Above Top Secret, Open Minds Forum being two of them. Then in mid 2008 I joined a huge 'conspiracy' forum (20k+ members back then), Project Avalon (owned by Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy), after watching the Project Camelot videos. Somehow I ended up as Admin of Project Avalon on 25th September 2008 and stepped down from the postion and deleted my account on 3rd May 2009 after discovering the 'owners' were in fact 'owned' themselves, and being harrassed by an 'unknown' agency that threatened to 'destroy my life if I didn't STFU and back away'. Just to add, during the Project Avalon period I discovered that my internet connection was being routed through Menwith Hill, I assume you know what goes on there.

Some of the information I had access to (on many subjects) was truly shocking, and at times down right scary! One so called 'whistleblower' that I've never been able to debunk was a guy called Robert Duncan O'Finioan, and alleged 'super soldier'.Another served in the Royal Signals and at the time was based in Sennybridge Barracks, where the SAS train. He told me, and I have no reason not to believe him going by his demeanour, and his wife's reaction, when I interviewed him face-to face, that many SAS operatives had told him about seeing a triangle shaped craft going IN TO a cliff face in the Brecon Beacons. I'll end this chapter right here and skip forward to 2014 after said 'unknown' agency carried out their threat and I had had to rebuild my life from scratch.

2014 - 2020 was tough, rebuilding my life again, but at least the unknown' agency finally left me alone as I completely withdrew from the 'UFO circuit' and did indeed STFU.

During the 'scamdemic' that's my personal opinion and I respect everyone's opinion on that subject, I set up the weekly SITREP call, via Zoom with my informed 'contacts', we hit call 150 this week. Something I forgot to add earlier, in late 2009 I set up my own private forum as you can tell by the email address.

Ok, down to the experiences I mentioned in the Steve Stockton 'chat'.On 28th November 2020 at 20:10 I was stood on my balcony talking to a friend (I have an appalling o2 signal in Redcar so have to stand on my balcony to make a call, 4 floors up), weather was overcast and slightly windy, and the conversation went something like this:

"OMG a shooting st...."FUUUUUUUCKKKK! It's stopped right above me & is now doing crazy things!!!, how the hell do I switch to video?!?!" (I had a new phone and wasn't used to it). What seemed like forever passed, it was probably 30 seconds tops and I hung up the call and figured out how to take a video. Link below to video #1 (it's on, it's free and safe) and an image of the area in daylight for both videos'

That night I had really disturbed sleep

Link to Video #1

Videos: Number 1 is where the object started from in the 2021 video, number 2 is where it ended up.

Jump forward to 4th January 2021 at 21:57, on the phone (on my balcony) to the same friend, weather was cold, overcast and windy. The object returned, I am literally freaking out on the phone as this object is doing insane manoeuvres across the sky. My friend said " HANG UP and video it!!" which I did, link below, please excuse the profanities.

Link to Video #2

I had a REALLY disturbed sleep that night (as I always do when it witness strange things in the sky), and had what I can only describe as a 'waking, terrifying dream' in which I was fighting 'something'. Bear in mind that I taught martial arts/self defence for over 20 years, I can end a fight quickly.

The first punch was a left to the 'body' it connected, I felt bones break, the second punch was a right to the body which didn't connect, the third punch was a left ot the head, it connected, I felt bones break, and my left shoulder literally explode! I woke instantly screaming obscenities and in extreme pain in my left shoulder. I got up & took some pain killers and stayed awake till the sun rose. It's now February 2023 and the pain is still there, daily, and a constant reminder of that night. I have seen many things in the sky since then, many disturbed nights sleep, but thankfully no more fighting.

Just to add, to UFO researcher friend has seen both videos and cannot explain them.

Apologies if I've missed any typo's, it's not a pleasant experience recalling all of this.

Kind Regards


Paul comments:

Thanks so much Colin for this beautifully set out report. You have certainly been through a most interesting time...

view of redcar

Daytime view of where both videos were taken


Paul Sinclair

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