Truth Proof Report 180 - large black animal

photo by Paul of the light
reported February 14th 2023

A report from Steve via the Truth Proof website

Good evening Paul & the Truthproof team.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Another interesting sighting for you and your team.

I was travelling in my works van this evening (13/02/2023) at 16.55 hours heading to a job in Leeds. I was with a work colleague and we were driving down a road called Wike Ridge Lane just approaching the Shadwell area of Leeds.

I saw that there were some open fields with short grass growing in them with perimeter hedges, to our left just before getting to the beginning of where there are a few houses on the outskirts of Shadwell (north east Leeds).

I happened to glance over into those fields and to my amazement I got a sighting of a large four legged creature walking slowly across one of the fields probably about 300 metres away from the road. There were no persons or other animals in any of these large fields. It was very light outside as the sun had not yet gone down below the horizon. The sky was clear. It was dry but cold outside.

I would describe the animal that I saw as being jet black in colour and being much larger than a dog, but seemed unlike a dog in some respects and more like a cross between a wolf and feline type animal as it had a large, straight bushy tail which pointed diagonally downwards and also quite large pointed ears. It had medium length fur I would say. It walked in a very sleek fashion of movement and appeared that it probably could run very quickly if needed.

Unfortunately and most disappointingly we were not able to stop our vehicle safely and get an image as the road was a national speed limit carriageway and there was traffic behind us. I remember telling my colleague who was driving what I had just seen and commenting on the fact that the local farmers might be a bit worried if they had any livestock about.

I have never witnessed anything like this creature before and I must admit I was quite shocked to see such an unusual animal just walking through a large open field with nobody else around.

Many thanks for now.


Paul: Thanks for this full report Steve. Yet another unknown creature in the region!

countryside near shadwell

countryside near Shadwell.


Paul Sinclair

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