Truth Proof Report 178 - large black cat

reported January 27th 2023

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

another black cat

Hi Paul and gang

I have recently got into cryptids and after seeing your latest you tube show ‘Wolflands Updates’ you mentioned black cats. So here is my report –

It was about 1998, early winter time I think. At the time I was a rural postman which meant I had my own van and I delivered to rural villages. This particular sighting took place in Upper Halling, Rochester, Kent.

I can remember clearly that it was a bleak drizzly day. I was ahead of my work so decided to have a little explore up a road I haven’t been before so I could have a quick smoke. The road in question is a little road called Chapel Lane, Upper Halling, that took me up to a field.

I think there was a water works or something that looks like a waterworks up around there, apologies but it was a long time ago so not 100% sure with that. What I do clearly remember is that as I was driving up the road I looked toward the tree line behind the field and in the field I saw a solitary black creature walking across it.

At first I thought it was a cow because of the size of it. However, when I properly looked at it it was a black cat. I remember trying to figure out why it looked disproportionate in size to the field but realised that it was big.

My only conclusion was that it was a black panther. It clearly hadn’t seen me or if it did was not threatened by me because it just sauntered like cats do across the field and I assume went into the woodland because I hadn’t stopped to see where it had gone. However, it was heading to the tree line.

To this day I swear that what I saw was a black panther.

Since getting into this subject I found out that you could own wild cats before the Animal Welfare Act. I am in agreement with the general consensus that whoever owned wild cats just turfed them out and they have been left to their own devices.

I hope this is of interest to you and I really love the thought that there is still some mystery in this world.

As stated I am relatively new to this and have only just come across your very good self. Down my neck of the woods, Maidstone Kent, there are reports of Bigfoot and dogmen local to me. However, it seems up north is where all the action is!

All the best and thanks for all your great work.

Take care


Paul comments:

Thanks Simon for this fascinating report. If only you had had a camera with you. You might have an incredible photo. Keep in touch, and thanks for your kind comments.

Upper Halling, Kent

View of the countryside near Upper Halling


Paul Sinclair

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