Truth Proof Report 177 - floating at night

reported January 12th 2023

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

out of body floating

Hi, this is not a dramatic encounter type story but is in reality an old memory that has troubled me for many years.

I wonder whether you have come across similar descriptions from some of the people you have interviewed and spoken to in your recent researches.

My story is brief. When I was a teenager (probably 14 or 15 or so), I am now in my late 60s, my brother and I shared a room in our house in East Kilbride. It was a small bedroom and we had bunk beds. Being the oldest I slept in the upper bunk.

I recall dreaming one night that I was, I think, floating over a roundabout about 2 miles from our house looking at a red orb which was moving slowly on the opposite side of the roundabout. I have had, like lots of people, recurring dream themes over the years but this is the only time I recall dreaming about this and the dream has remained vivid in my memory all these years. The striking thing about this is that when I woke from the dream I was lying on the floor of our bedroom next to my younger brother's bed.

The obvious question is whether or not I fell out of the upper bunk but I can confidently discount that because these were the type of beds with rails along the sides to stop that happening and I woke up as I would normally with no sensation of having fallen.

This might be just a silly teenage years age dream and nothing more but I would be interested to know if there is any similarity with anything you may have come across in your research.


Paul comments:

Jim, thanks for this insight - although I am sure we are both agreed that this sort of experience does not hold concrete proof of other worlds, it does add to a growing compendium of similar experiences.

east kilbride at sunset

East Kilbride area


Paul Sinclair

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