Truth Proof Report 174 — lights in the sky

reported December 1st 2022

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

Lights in the sky many years ago

Hi Mr.Sinclair

We're regular listeners to the Unexplained with Howard Hughes.

I'm 67 and we've lived here in Ontario,Canada for over 40 years.

What I have to write is not particularly exciting but it's something that I've found curious since it happened around 1964.

I was a child in Morriston, Wales and at about 9pm one evening I was standing with four friends when I noticed a bright white light that traveled very quickly and high in the sky, with no noise and then stopped. I pointed this out to the people with me just as a curiosity, but after that a red light seemed to come from the horizon to it's left and then another from it's right. Both red lights seemed to disappear and merge with the white light, which then moved rapidly away out of sight.

I'm not someone who even as a child has been prone to the fanciful.

I've run my own business most of my life, I've also had a pilots licence most of my life and I have a certificate to sail a decent sized yacht, I say these things for you to realise that I'm a fairly sensible person, and although very young I know what I saw.

My question to you if you'd be kind enough to reply, is this. (I know that you're a busy chap).

Is what I saw fairly common? Or for that matter is there some sort of simple explanation given when it happened. It's something I've pondered since that night. Regards

Phil M

Paul comments:

Thanks so much for this memory. Although one cannot say with any authority what things are or what they are not, I suggest that what you witnessed can be correctly termed and Unidentified Flying Object. I have shared this report with our friends at SUFON, based in Swansea, right next door to Morriston. They may have a record of similar events.

view at Morriston

View from Morriston which is nowadays really a suburb of Swansea, South Wales


Paul Sinclair

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