Truth Proof Report 17 - Funnel shaped object and lights in the sky

Reported from web siteSeptember or October of 88

Witness name supplied; Currently being further investigated by Paul. Report 17:

Report sent to Paul Sinclair via Form on website:

"I’ve just been watching the latest YouTube offering and I heard a mention of light activity in 88/89 and thought I should tell you this incident.

My family has had a few odd things happen over the years but I’m not into researching or anything. I think it was in September or October of 88. My family was living at Epworth north Lincolnshire. My dad was in Rotherham hospital having an operation.

Myself and my mum had been to visit that night and were driving home on the country lanes via Finningley then wroot at approximately 9.30 / 10 pm. On the way out of Wroot towards Epworth, the sky was getting bright and my mum commented that the steel works at Scunthorpe were bright tonight. When they used to open the blast furnace doors it would give our area a kind of sunset in the night. Anyway, the sky got brighter as we drove that way. There’s a few turns and junctions but as we turned onto the Belton to Westwoodside back lane, we could see that the light had formed into a beam of light that was coming down to the ground.

I turned again onto the Epworth lane at a place called the Tunnel Pits. I pulled up and we both got out to look at the light.

It was a slight funnel shape getting wider as it got to the ground and was coloured deep orange. Around it coming down it was maybe six objects that circled it in the pattern of DNA. They were kind of conically twisting around the centre light. This thing was massive. The dimensions I couldn't really comprehend. I’d say the top was far higher than when you see a large passenger jet going over.

The circling objects were reds and greens and had a pattern to how they were moving down the light.

Mum started shouting at me to get in the car and get home, which was only 2 miles away. We jumped in the van and raced off as I’d suddenly got scared. This was to the west of our position and I would have said at the time it was a few miles away which would have been in Thorne moors area but thinking about it now, the scale was so big it could have been in the Irish Sea and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you accurately. Anyhow, both of us are still here and would be willing to talk about it.

My father also had a very close UFO sighting back in the 60’s with 2 van loads of people down near the south coast. That one was close enough to hit it with a stone. Maybe 10 to 12 witnesses that night."

"anonymous pending permission"  



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Paul Sinclair

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