Truth Proof Report 16 - Strange oblong in the sky

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair2010

Witness name supplied; anonymity required. Report 16:

Report sent to Paul Sinclair

"This following account was what I witnessed about ten years ago on Cornbrook Close in the village of Wardle. It was about 8 p.m. on a summer night, so still daylight.

I was with a friend at his mum's bungalow where he was living at the time. We had just had a barbecue in the back garden, and they had all gone in the house and I stayed out to smoke a cigarette on the driveway.

The bungalows across from my friends all have back gardens that end with an embankment that leads up to adjoining farmland behind them, so from my viewpoint the edge of the field is above the roof line of the bungalows and if you was to walk the field edge you would be looking down into their back gardens. So I'm smoking my cig and look across to the field, I witness a dark grey rectangle shaped craft little more that 200 feet from me tracking along the edge of the field where it drops off into the bungalow gardens. It was about 10 feet tall by about 7 feet wide and the lower edges were slanted as in my drawing of it. (see below)

There was a bright yellow light on the base, similar yellow to the older style street lights, I could see the shards of light coming off it even though it was still daylight. It was about 8 feet off the floor moving at about the speed of someone walking. It took a few seconds of me looking at it, for it to sink in what I was looking at. All the time it made no sound and had no signs of propulsion.

At this point it had started to change course and was heading away from the edge of the field towards the centre away from me and my field of view. I shouted inside for my mate to grab his camera (he had it ready as we had seen lights in the past and not had it ready in the past to capture them, it was a digital SLR camera). He came running out: the craft was out of sight at this point so he had yet to see it, and we both ran towards the field. He got up the embankment and tried to get some pics of it but it was off in the distance so they didn't turn out very good. It was still low to the ground but when he was looking at it through his camera it was a grey/silver ball."

"anonymous correspondent"  


Paul Sinclair

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