Truth Proof Report 18 - disc in the sky

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair2003/4

Witness name supplied; Currently being further investigated by Paul. Report 18:

Report sent to Paul Sinclair via e mail.:

Driving home at about 1 a.m. on a summer's Saturday morning, the sky was clear and a bright half moon was shining over the ridge of the Wolds as I turned left at the Staxton roundabout and drove the one mile to reach the village. The hills are on my right and a row of bungalows on my left. As you pass the last of the bungalows there is a long open field before you enter the village proper.

I looked to my left, over the Carrs in the direction of Olivers Mount and there was an object in the sky at an elevation that was lower than the top of the mount. It was brilliant white, circular and as large as a full moon; it didn't appear to be illuminating, it looked just like a white full moon hanging over the open fields.

I saw it for perhaps 10 seconds then lost sight of it as I entered in the village.

Arriving home I parked my car and was suddenly engulfed by what I can only describe as a wave of terror (I did not feel any fear at all while I was actually viewing the object) then the strangest thing, I ran to my house, then as I got inside I forgot all about what had just scared me and went straight to bed, not even thinking about it until the next morning !! I can't explain this.

"name supplied - pending further investigation"  


Paul Sinclair

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