Truth Proof Report 169 — hooded figure disappears

reported October 19th, 2022

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

Disappearing hooded figure - and children

Hi Paul, an experience I had some time ago, sadly I have no accurate date, but the best I can do is Summer 2021.

We are frequent daytrippers to Bridlington from our home in Bradford, West Yorks. Having had a pleasant day, we left the Park & Ride carpark at South shore to return home at about 7.00pm. My route is always the same, Bridlington, Beverley, South Cave, A63/M62 westbound. Weather: sunny, dry, clear, a warm evening.

Driving on A165 approx. 50mph, one car about 20 yards ahead. Immediately after Fraisthorpe turn off, I saw 3 people on the right hand side of the road. My impression was of a teenage girl (?) dressed in a long, hooded black coat with two smaller children. The teenage girl gripped the hood, as if running into a strong wind (no wind) and ran, head down, across the road and disappeared. I looked to my left expecting to see a gap in the hedge allowing her access to the field. No girl and the hedge is continuous and solid. I then looked in my mirrors to check what the younger kids were doing, suspecting they would follow the teenage girl. I couldn't see any younger kids!

The teenage girl had run across the front of the car ahead of me and I said to my wife, who is a driver and naturally pays attention to the road, "Bloody 'ell, did you see that stupid lass run across the road?" My wife said she saw nothing!!!

Because the car ahead did NOT display brake lights, even though the girl appeared to be very close to being run down, I can only assume that the driver of that car saw nothing too! Because there was no corroboration of this incident from my wife and the apparent inaction from the driver upfront, I went through self-doubt and mentally filed it away, BUT I CANNOT DENY WHAT I SAW and felt the need to report it.

I cannot honestly say why I thought the figure in the long hooded coat was a teenage girl because I did'nt see a face, just a slim figure probably 5' 3" to 5' 6" tall. So that's it Paul. Nothing too exciting I suppose but worth filing away in case anyone else has a similar experience. Regards, Peter.

Post Script Just to add to my previous report Paul........although my wife did not see the figures at the roadside or the girl(?) run across the road, she does remember me reducing speed, because I anticipated an incident or, at least a near miss. I have passed that way many times since and that stretch of roadside hedge is too dense for anybody to push through. I firmly believe that the girl(?) simply disappeared. Very odd!

Regards Peter

Paul comments:

This is a fascinating report Peter, thanks. I have heard of similar, when not everyone present witnesses what is going on. It would be very interesting to know if that spot on the road had once been the scene of a tragic accident.

Fraisthorpe beach

Fraisthorpe beach


Paul Sinclair

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