Truth Proof Report 168 — object in the sky over Bempton

reported October 11th, 2022 via the Truthproof website

object in the night sky

Hi Paul,

22nd November 2:30 in the morning last year (2021). Photo, below, taken in Bempton village, out towards the cliffs. I was alone for around half hour.

I saw a purple-ish pink -ish light in the sky and, upon further study, decided to take my camera out and start shooting at an object appearing and disappearing. It had what looks like a pink cloud going in and out of it!

And just recently when I've had a closer look on pc I've noticed a light on the far right hand side of the picture which is very small and zoomed in but can't believe my eyes!!

Paul this has done my head in for nearly a year so if you could shed any light on it please feel free to contact me.

reported to Paul by Adrian

Paul comments:

Thanks for this fascinating report - they are always better with pictures! It is impossible to say what this is. Or what it isn't! Nothing obvious comes to mind. A very interesting sighting. Well photographed.

photo of ufo by adrian

various magnifications of Adrian's photo.

zoom of adrian's ufo photo


zoom of adrian's ufo photo


zoom of adrian's ufo photo


Paul Sinclair

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