Truth Proof Report 170 — triangular UFO

reported November 1st 2022

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

Early Friday morning of 17/06/22. I woke up at stupid o'clock I think about 2:20am, got out of bed and walked to the back door opened the blinds to look at the stars.

Whilst looking around I saw what looked like a triangle shape craft with a light on each corner, they didn't shine: just a gentle glow. No sound whatsoever, just gently gliding away.

I only got about two to three seconds in view.

This was in Exeter, Devon over St Thomas. I wasn't taken by surprise or even shocked, just thought 'oh, wow'.

Sorry I don't have pic's as phone never glued to my head like most people, LOL!.


Paul comments:

Thanks Bob.

exeter skyline



Paul Sinclair

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