Truth Proof Report 164 — orange light in the sky

reported August 23rd, 2022

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

On Wednesday 17th August I was leaving Whitby Spa Pavilion with five other people around 10.15 in the evening. We were chatting in two groups of three when one of the others I was talking to said she'd seen an orange light over the sea, but as we turned to look it disappeared.

She said there was a plane visible in the sky above it, which it was quite a bit bigger than. She then saw it again and again it went out as we turned.

Then as I was walking to my friend's car with her, I saw the orange orb above the sea. I pointed it out to my friend , but it went before she could see it.

I'm sure it was one of the ILFs that Paul talks about!


Paul comments:

Yet another great report of an orange light. What the hell are they??? Just for the sake of completeness I will add this brief report from "K"

It was on January the 2nd 2023 around 11pm. I was looking out of my window and saw over the Bridlington priory 2 orange lights, stationary at first with a glow.

They then both took off towards the Scarborough direction when the one behind overtook the one Infront. They didn't disappear into the distance but just disappeared into thin air it would seem, almost light the lights turned off as soon as they got to the tops of Scarborough rd.

Will never forget it, have there been many other reports of this?

Whitby spa

Whitby Spa Pavilion and coast


Paul Sinclair

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