Truth Proof Report 162 — orange lights in the sky

reported August 17th, 2022

Report sent to Paul via the Truth Proof website

Hi, I live in Shildon in county Durham.

Several nights ago (about 17th August) I whilst having a cigarette at my window I noticed what I can only describe as an oval large orange coloured light in the sky. Interestingly there was a haze like dust around this oval that I can only describe as looking like a powder surrounding it.

I noticed this and found the object very strange, so decided to watch it for a little while and was very surprised when the oval seemed to separate into two orange balls. Each moved in their own way.

This whole experience I would estimate lasted around 5 minutes and after separating, the two round lights or orbs seemed to move in a bounce-like manner.

I found this very strange and just thought I would send this in to see if anybody else has experienced anything like this It was located above the town of Shildon in County Durham towards the south in the sky at approximately 12.30pm and I believe this was last Wednesday when this had taken place. Strangely I did not feel worried and felt a sense of calmness and intrigue when viewing this in the sky. It didn't feel threatening or anything if that makes sense.

Thanks for any response or any info regarding this and all the best with the podcasts I do watch these from time to time.


Paul comments:

Another classic sighting. More inexplicable orange lights!

old steam train at shildon

Shildon is best known for its railway museum


Paul Sinclair

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