Truth Proof Report 151 — silver sphere over field

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I felt compelled to report this after about 2 decades, I’m currently 44 years old and this sighting happened when I was 17-18 years old with 2 friends.

My parents use to own a caravan on Great Bentley Country Park on Flag Hill in Great Bentley Essex. Often me and my friends would go night fishing.

One early morning about 5am, clear grey sky, we (me and 2 friends) packed up our stuff and started walking back through the public footpath back to the main road. When we exited the lake area to our left is the farmers house and a cow field.

My friend says to me "Dan, wtf is that?" So we looked over this field about 70-100 metres away and there was a silver sphere like brushed metal hovering above the field several meters off the ground. We stared at it for about 10 seconds then with the blink of a eye it shot into the sky upwards in a straight line. My younger friend got upset and we had to walk him home. I’ve never forgotten this.

That area we all experienced quite a few odd things but that was the most vivid. I heard local stories of weird things and folk lore &c in the area. Anyway had to get this story off my chest and I hope to find out some day about this area of great Bentley.

I went online to find a big cat had been seen up there and a lot of ufo activity in Clapton on sea.

Kind regards Dan, saw yourself on Howard Hughes show couple of times recently on talktv.

Dan F

Paul: Hi Dan, thanks for sending this in. The sort of strange typical sighting that seems to have been popping up all over the world for decades. The fact that two of you saw it in good light gives the report a lot of credibility. I can offer no other explanation other than it was a genuine UFO! Whatever they are!! Well done and thanks for sharing this.

Great Bentley, Essex

Great Bentley Essex, East Anglia countryside.


Paul Sinclair

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