Truth Proof Report 147 — white orb in the sky

Reported via Truth Proof website1st May 2022

I was leaving a neighbour's house at 0.07 this morning and spotted a bright white orb above our house.

It was moving slowly northwards
- difficult to judge height, but I'd say maybe 3000ft. Size again, difficult to gauge, but a good few hundred feet across.

When I first saw it, it was a quite sharply defined orb, moving slowly, but as it moved to a greater distance, it seemed to disperse into more of a round cloud shape - this could have been atmospheric, but it was a perfectly clear sky, so not sure. No sound, perfectly quiet. I went round into the lane to continue watching it, but it seemed to stop in the sky - may have been because it was then moving away on a line with my viewpoint, but the dispersion seemed to have stopped.

I watched it on the same position for about five minutes, before heading indoors. By the time I looked out of the window upstairs, it had gone.

Looking back at the only photo I got (too dark for video - I did try), there seems to be a nucleus in there - this thing was almost like a giant version of a 'normal' orb. I'm not sure what the rules are on orb size - maybe there aren't any. I'm going to check CCTV later today and see if that recorded anything.

Anyway - hope you and yours are well. 👍 I would say Kelk is the approximate location – that's not too specific, but accurate enough. Headed roughly North.

Please don't use my name.



Paul Sinclair

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