Truth Proof Report 142 — orange light in the sky

via the Truth Proof website29th January 2022

At 21.07 hours on the 29th January 2022 I was working from my works van. I glanced up to the night sky as it was a very clear night and I immediately observed a ball of orange light moving across the sky. The ball of light appeared to be above the A170 heading out of Thirsk in North Yorkshire towards a village called Sutton under Whitestonecliffe.

Only a few seconds after I noticed this, it dimmed out and completely disappeared from view. It was very quiet where I was working and this light was not making any sound and there were no other lights on display attached to this ball of light.


Paul replies: Nice prompt concise report Steve. Posted here the same day as the sighting. So many orange or yellow lights in the sky at the moment!


A170 towards Sutton Bank


Paul Sinclair

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