Truth Proof Report 143 — black triangle

via the Truth Proof website15th February 2022

Late seventies - early 80s, SE London, Lewisham .

I would have been between 8 or 10 years old. Around 10 o’clock one evening I was in the upstairs back bedroom which overlooked the back gardens. I noticed a light coming in through the curtains. I looked out and noticed a faint light, so I went outside for a closer look. My elder brother who was with me stayed indoors. I looked straight up into the night sky and noticed 3 lights separated by about 50m. On closer inspection I realised they were connected by a giant pitch-black triangle.

The object was about 100m above the houses and large, approximately the size of a five aside football field. It was stationary for several minutes then eventually moved forward slowly and silently above the other back gardens. After moving approximately 70m I heard a noise like lightning striking, at which point it moved unbelievably fast or just disappeared.

Martin Cheeseman


Paul Sinclair

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