Truth Proof Report 135 — Driffield sighting of UFO, Anonymous correspondent to Paul

Reported following personal observation9th June 2009

The object appeared as if it was on fire at first therefore I also presumed that it was a Chinese lantern at first, until it took manoeuvres opposite to the wind direction thus not been carried by the wind; but rather a mechanical device I would like to assume .

In fact, the object was at least 20 meters in diameter, if not more.

The object appeared a second time, the flight path being identical appearing in a north to south direction. This time it came from the same direction but with a lower altitude: it seemed to glide much slower over my mother’s back garden. Furthermore it was bright orangey red that glided and didn’t make a sound.

Five out of the seven witnesses believe that it was a craft of some sort’ the others, who may I add, had considerably more to drink at this point than the rest of us believed that it was nothing that couldn’t be explained. When I harassed them for their individual accounts separately, not one person could explain it to me in logical terms.

One thing I did notice was that the first time it passed it seemed to climb in altitude at considerable speed and then disappear. The second time it passed, coming from the same direction, it seemed to fly over the neighbour’s house where it lost altitude and slowly submersed itself below the other side of the neighbour’s house. So I went out of my mother’s front door on Wansford Road to see if this UFO was still there — it had disappeared completely.

anonymous reporter


Paul Sinclair

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