Truth Proof Report 136 — More UFOs in Driffield 19.5.09 and 16.5.09 – anonymous reports to Paul

Reported following personal observationsMay 2009

I Live in Driffield, and on the night of 19/05/09 my partner and I went to my mother’s house for a BBQ.

At approximately 10.30 we, and seven other witnesses, saw a spherical shaped craft glide silently over my mother’s house and shoot off. After a lengthy debate about what it could of been; the craft returned, but this time passed over the garden and then seemed to travel upwards until it suddenly disappeared. It is interesting that a couple saw this at River Head as I was on Wansford Road approximately 500 meters away from River Head. This UFO was round in shape with a red glow to it at first. As it came directly above us it had a hole in the middle of it with a very bright white dot.

Paul also made these notes at the time concerning what must have been a very similar incident:

Had an interesting telephone conversation today 19.5.09 from a couple who both witnessed a UFO of huge size over Driffield on 16.5.09 Saturday night. They say the object which was spherical appeared low in the sky about 10.30 p.m.. They think the location that it was hovering above was riverside close to the mast. I need to clarify what mast this is. The weather conditions were very wet and windy and this object was steady. It was deep red in colour and appeared to be on fire within itself.

My immediate thought was a Chinese lantern but the couple dismissed that saying it was of huge proportions. I next suggested a hot air balloon. They say it was nothing like a hot air balloon. I have to say I find it hard to believe a hot air balloon would be in the air at 10.30 p.m. in those weather conditions.

When they pulled up and got out of the car to get a better look, the object rose to cloud height hovered a few seconds then shot up vertically at ‘incredible speed’. Its light could be seen flashing through the clouds. I have contacted the Driffield Times but have not had a reply so far. It will be interesting to hear if any more sightings come to light. An object of this size must have been seen by others in the area.

Paul Sinclair


Paul Sinclair

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