Truth Proof Report 129 — yellow lights in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website on6th January 2022

Report to Truth Proof

On the early evening of Thursday 6th January 2022 at 16.36 hours I was driving in my works van along the A170 in North Yorkshire heading West out of Pickering in the general direction of Thirsk.

I had just passed a cross road junction with the road to Marton on my left and the road to Sinnington on my right. At this point I noticed three bright yellowish lights in the sky just above the horizon ahead of me, just over to the left.

They seemed very distant. I noticed the lights appeared to be moving in formation very slowly, and each light kept changing position in the formation which initially started as a triangle, then another inverted triangle, then finally as a straight diagonal line. I had these lights in sight on and off for about eight minutes before my route was too low to see them.


Don: Fascinating report - there are so many orange or yellow lights seen in the region. And - wow - talk about being prompt. Inspired me to publish it straight away! How many UFO sites have reports of sightings the same day??


Paul Sinclair

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