Truth Proof Report 128 — apparent spontaneous combustion of an electricity pole

Reported via the truth Proof website on4th January 2022

Report from Paul Sinclair, the man himself

Ok here is a strange one, I received a call from a friend who works with electricity companies.

Apparently, there was a power outage in Bempton on the afternoon of December the 31st and when the fault was identified the engineers said they had never seen anything like it before. After looking at the pictures I knew exactly where it was and went to see for myself. These are the images that I took, the top 4 feet of the electricity pole was on the floor but the wires had not broken. On closer inspection I could see that the pole had burnt, from what looked like the inside out. New years day was quite bright and there was no thunder or lightning.

So what could have caused this?

Not everything has to be UFO related to be a mystery.



Paul Sinclair

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