Truth Proof Report 127 — blue lights in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website on1st January 2022

Hello Paul,

At 1730 hours on 1/1/2022, I was casually observing the night sky from my back garden in Wetwang when two points of blue light appeared from behind my house way up in the sky.

The lights were similar in size to the surrounding stars. They appeared to be following each other closely and were heading from South to North. After passing overhead, they then disappeared from view. They were both just a steady blue colour, no other coloured lights were seen on the objects.

Then, at 17.38 hours on the same date, another point of blue light was observed heading along the same track from South to North; however this light was randomly flashing. Again there were no other lights visible on the object such as navigation lights. This point of light also disappeared after passing overhead.

Finally, at 1745 hours on the same date, a helicopter was heard and seen passing very low over Wetwang heading from North to South and was following the B1248 towards Tibthorpe before going out of sight. A well known flight tracking app was checked immediately and there were no aircraft showing anywhere even close to the area at that time. I surmise that this was a military helicopter due to the noise and navigation lights it was displaying (bright white and bright red steady lights) although I am not able to confirm this.


Don:  Well done Steve - yours is the first reported sighting in 2022. Paul will buy you a pint when you next meet up......


Paul Sinclair

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