Truth Proof Report 125 — orange spheres in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website on27th December 2021

Hi Paul

On Tuesday 14th December 2021 at 05.15 hours, I was driving Southbound along the B1248 probably about halfway between the villages of Bainton and Lund.

It was a misty morning and was still in darkness. I glanced over to my right (which would have been looking to the west) because I noticed that the sky was glowing white from the outside lights of a farm just on the other side of a gentle hill.

Just next to the white glow of the farm lights I witnessed three orange coloured spheres of light, vertically stacked one above the other and just above the horizon. It is difficult to tell how big those lights were as I do not know exactly how far away they were, but were large enough to be instantly noticed. The lights were stationary.

I pass this location every day and this is the only time I have seen these lights at the location given..


Don:  Steve - there is so much going on in our part of the world at the moment. Your report adds to the picture.


Paul Sinclair

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