Truth Proof Report 124 — grey ovoid in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website27th December 2021

Hi Paul

11 years ago, we were taking a break from plastering a kitchen ceiling at Tetney, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.

It was around 12.30, lunch time, myself and a workmate went out into the rear garden for a drink, it was a sunny day, blue sky, and a few puffy white clouds. Looking out towards where the sea would be, which was not visible because of the surrounding houses, something caught my eye: a grey object falling vertically from above a cloud, through the cloud, and then stopped just below the cloud.

It appeared to be, rugby ball shaped, or like a coffee bean. It stayed there for a few seconds, then it seemed to rotate on its axis, then took off horizontally at tremendous speed, into another cloud. I just had time to shout my friend, who witnessed it moving away — it was heading in a northerly direction towards Cleethorpes.

No sound was heard, certainly no aircraft, or helicopter. Duration of the sighting approximately 10 to 15 seconds.

Feel free to use this information as you wish, certainly cannot explain it. Regards

Paul Young

Don: thanks for this Paul. Two guys see a bizarre object, on a clear day: what other proof do we need? A definite unambiguous sighting. Incidentally - you probably know that Tetney is famous in the history of world broadcasting. Marconi set up a pioneering transmitter there in the 1920s for the first international broadcasts. More can be read about it here.


Paul Sinclair

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