Truth Proof Report 123 — cigar shape in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website21st December 2021

Hi Paul

On Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 17.15 hours, I was walking along the A166 through Wetwang on the north side of the road, and I was on the east edge of the village when I noticed a black silhouette in the sky.

The object was visible through a gap in the tree line looking towards the south east area of the sky where I was standing. I would describe the object as moving very slowly through the sky heading north. It was a long thin object which was straight on the top and bottom and was curved at the ends, and it appeared to be above the former RAF East Kirkburn air base.

There were no wings, engines or tail fins visible on the object and it was not making any sound. I quickly turned my head to see if it was safe to cross the road to get a closer look, and when I looked back for the object it had disappeared completely.

It was a fine summer evening and the cloud base was very high. I would estimate that the object was around 1.5 miles away and approximately 1000 feet up in the sky.


Steve T

Paul: This is an amazing report Steve - I have e mailed you. Wetwang keeps cropping up!


Paul Sinclair

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