Truth Proof Report 120 — white lights in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website17th December 2021

Hi Paul

In the summer of 2000 I was driving back home to Saltburn by the sea (North Yorkshire) having just finished a Night shift at Northumbrian water in Thornaby, Stockton- on Tees.

It was early summer (June I think), a bright clear morning with very few clouds in the sky and excellent visibility. I estimate the time to have been 6:00 a.m. As I approached the the Quarry Lane roundabout, on the A174 between Marske and Saltburn , only 10 minutes from home I as was aware of a something in my peripheral vision to my right.

The next thing I can remember is my car being stationary and a single gold orb/ball around 200 feet up in the sky, approaching from the right hand side from the Upleatham Village. I am watching this happen through my sunroof of my car. When the ball/orb of light passed over the roundabout and moved from directly in front of me, to my left field of vision. I noticed the first one was masking a second identical ball of light, which was slightly behind the first one in distance. They were definitely moving in tandem at the same rate of speed and maintaining an equal distance and altitude in silence.

I recall them moving quite fast, but certainly not at the speed of an aircraft. I can’t recall any noise or vapour trail or any other distinguishing features. Golden / yellow in colour, not overly bright, silent and perfectly circular. I am struggling estimate their size, but they weren't small. Possibly 4 feet in circumference. The whole time this happened, there was no other traffic on the road and I felt as though everything was muffled, like I was in a bubble wearing headphones. I didn’t feel scared or in danger, I was certainly gobsmacked but had no fear or nervousness at the time. The air around me felt heavy, if that makes any sense.

That’s all I can remember. I don’t recall them flying off into the distance or both of them disappearing, it all ends with me staring at them slightly to the left of my vision. The next thing I can remember is pulling onto the drive of my house and heading upstairs to bed. My wife was awake with our child which seemed odd to me as they didn’t normally wake up till I had been in the house for at least an hour. It was around 06:45 - 07:00 a.m. and my journey from the roundabout to home should have lasted at the maximum only 5 to 10 minutes. I think I'm missing around 40 minutes of time.

I remember discussing it briefly with my wife and then I never mentioned the event ever again to anyone. Not for want of ridicule but it simply faded from my mind, very quickly. It is only now 20 years later that I am starting to remember the details. Many thanks for your time Paul.


Anthony W


Paul Sinclair

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