Truth Proof Report 121 — white lights in the sky

Reported via e mailon 17th December 2021

Good evening Paul

I just thought I'd report a sighting just now. (17th December 2021).

I'm in Wilberfoss & have just seen 9 lights moving East to West. Seemed very high, no sound of planes. Crystal clear night with a few wispy clouds. 4 kept 'formation' the other 5 moved about. I've looked on 2 'flight tracker' progs & nothing is supposed to be flying anywhere near me. Really felt strange!

The lights were the size of medium stars, the Pleiades were much smaller. The visible planets (Jupiter, Saturn & Venus) were behind me and much brighter. I don't believe they were any type of planes as 4 of them kept changing position amongst themselves at great speed, which I do not think is possible with known planes. The outlying one at the front moved only slightly relative to itself. Hope that makes sense.


B Reid


Paul Sinclair

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