Truth Proof Report 117 — black oval in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof websiteJune 2021

Hi Paul

In June 2021, (cannot be certain of exact date) I was standing at the bedroom window, looking east. It was about 4.30. p.m.. The weather was sunny and bright, clear blue sky, no clouds at all, gentle breeze.

Towards the east I saw a black oval. I thought it might be an advertising blimp, but it was matte black and looked very two-dimensional. It was unusual, so I kept watching it. I even wondered at first if it was moving at all, but as it approached, I could see it was an oval turning and tumbling over and over as it travelled.

It was not small - I'd guess the same size as an advertising blimp would be, and I'd estimate it to be a couple of hundred feet up. It wasn't travelling fast and I observed it for 2 to 3 minutes. It travelled towards the west over the houses and I lost sight of it as it passed. There was no sound or smell. Afterwards, I thought about whether I should tell anyone - I have read your books and watch your Youtube videos - but I didn't want to waste anyone's time if this was an ordinary object and I mistook it for something unusual.

PS. I live in Royston, near Barnsley.


Gillian S

Paul says: Thanks for your watching our shows. The first reaction is 'I bet scores of people must have seen it'. But we know they probably did, but were too shy of telling anyone, for all the obvious reasons.


Paul Sinclair

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