Truth Proof Report 116 — white light in the sky

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Hi Paul

I've listened to you a few times on The Unexplained and like the stories that you tell, they made me remember a couple of my own from about 50 years ago.

My grand parents had a bungalow on the cliff tops at North Landing, Flamborough and I spent many weekends and school holidays there. One Friday night in the early 1970s we were driving along the A614 around Middleton on the Wolds, it was a dark evening, so it wasn't during summer, the sky was clear and to our right towards the coast or maybe over the coast.

I could see a bright white light that looked like a large star, but it was moving. I pointed it out to my dad and mum and they also saw what I saw, (my dad still talks about it now occasionally and he's nearly ninety). At first we thought it might have been the coast guard helicopter, but it moved like nothing we had ever seen before.

Even though we could not judge the distance from us, it was moving very fast like a fighter jet, but then it would stop dead, then shoot off in an other direction or climb vertically at tremendous speed, then stop and hover. I continued watching until it finally went out of sight as we travelled several miles along the road.


Regards Andy

Paul says: Thanks for this Andy - one of many. They can't all be "flares"!


Paul Sinclair

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