Truth Proof Report 108 — lights in the sky

Reported via the truth Proof website2-10-2021

It's hard to place into one short email the curious lifelong experiences I've had, but I hope the one brief encounter form 1985 will allow for some more information that may assist you in your work.

I'd grown up on a 200 acre farm in Wa State USA and we also had beach property approx 10 miles west, close to the Tulalip Indian Reservation. My mom grew up in the same area and we shared a multi generational regional myth/legend of a Ghost belonging to a road called, The Fire Trail Road.

Neither of us or the rest of my family ever actually saw the so-called ghost, but I did in fact have an experience there. This road ran East and West and was virtually a direct line between my family's two properties. The Fire trail Rd was the Western point and to get a chance to witness the ghost, it was imperative according to the legend to sit in your car facing East in the evening time.

My senior year of high school I felt encouraged to attempt this great adventure and so drove my Dad's Cadillac to t he specific wee hill on this Firetrail rd, with my 3 other friends, and we all sat looking Eastward on a clear night in 1985. Not long into the adventure, I noticed a pin prick of light on what I gathered was the Western facing foothill, which then grew in size to about a helicopter sized light.

The foothill at the time had few houses, mine being one of them, so the house lights we peppered interspersed throughout. This particular light seemed different, and as I called it to the attention of my friend's, we all looked in unison and astonishingly the light somehow seemed to notice us. Now, this was too bizarre as it was probably about 7-10 miles between each of the foothills, the valley running below had a major highway, and though the land distance was not terribly far, this helicopter sized white light began it's descent toward our car. It happened all in seconds, as if our acknowledgement of it spurred it's intelligent response. As I sat in the driver's seat, my boyfriend to my r ight and 2 pals in the backseat, I gasped as it was miraculously upon the hood of the car, broke into 3 distinct seperate balls of light, each changed to a seperate color (blue-ish/green, red-ish/orange, white-ish/yellow) and flew over the directly over the top and the other 2 to ea side of the car.

The original singular white light that started so small had now become 3 that were ea aout the size of a cantaloupe.

The whole experience seemed to take place in one grande spectacular moment in time leaving us awestruck and somewhat unnerved by the sheer novelty of the experience. I have since found an article in a local paper that describes 2 separate witness in two separate locations, that speak of the same sort of lights, though not entirely the same experience in the local vicinity. One woman's experience in particular was viewing the lights directly in line with the same trajectory as my experience, in fact she witnessed it just below our farm quite close to the very elem entary school I went to.

I have also since read in a local BFRO group (Big Foot Reasearch for WA state) that the road I grew up on had a BigFoot sighting just a few years ago. The road still has few people living there. It's truly a great service you provide as it assist many people in finding an ear to voice their experiences where their own family and friends deny and place it in the realm of the psychiatric fantasies.

Thank you so much. I have more stories, but this will do for now unless you wish to reach out at the email listed above.

Thank you so much for your courage, heart, and humor.

Here is a link to the newspaper on the similar type sighting below my home.


Paul adds - What a fascinating report, Sara, from what sounds like a fascinating part of the world. Thank you for your kind words.


Paul Sinclair

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