Truth Proof Report 109 — large disc above the road

Reported via the truth Proof website25-10-2021

Our encounter took place on the A1, coming south from Northumberland late winter/early spring 2009.

We'd had a weekend away doing paranormal investigations and this last one was at a haunted pub/hotel on the coast south of Newcastle. WE were following another couple down the A1 because they knew the way, but lost them towards the end of the journey. We were held up in traffic.

The reason for the build-up turned out to be people slowing down, because ambling its way across the motorway was UFO, no more than I would say a few hundred feet from the ground. Even at that height it still looked as wide as a football pitch. It was a wide flat disc with flashing lights (from memory I think they were just random colours) It seemed like a dull metallic, but not as dark as grey.

It looked a magnificent sight. We crawled to our exit and then headed to the pub. When we met with the others, the two that left before us were in a state of meltdown because they'd been in the queue of traffic and seen the same thing. I wasn't as hyper. I was too busy cursing, thinking about the two nightshot video cameras and the two digital stills cameras, sitting in the boot of my car!

I checked to see if there were any reports in the newspaper etc, but never found anything. Amazing when you think nobody in that queue of traffic, seeing that sight, ever thought to get in touch with any of the authorities. I'll be honest and say, it never crossed my mind either, at the time.


Paul adds - a fascinating report, PAW, And here is another report for free!

My other experience was winter, 2007/8 and it came totally out of the blue. I'd let the dogs out into the back garden for their last pit stop before bed, so the time would have been around 11ish. It was a really crisp winter's night, not quite freezing, but near enough.

I looked up to admire the stars, thinking how lucky we were not to have cloud, which tends to be the norm here high in the Pennines. I noticed, quite low on the horizon (just above the neighbouring rooftops) a really bright circular light, the colour of butter. It was quite large, much too big to be a star. Given my view was directly south, I would place the light probably at the furthest westerly point in the Calder Valley, so maybe Hebden Bridge or Todmorden. This is only a guess, obviously. It seemed to be easing slowly across the sky, west to east. I stood watching until I began to get chilly, probably about 10 minutes or so, but I had a weird feeling something was about to happen (no idea at all why I should)

So I rushed indoors and went straight up to my bedroom where I could watch from a little higher perspective - and also from a darkened room. I was joined by my wife, who followed me up, thinking there was something wrong. I pointed out the light, which seemed to have grown slightly larger within that minute or so. We stood and watched, gobsmacked. Moments later, we were both dumbstruck, as from the bottom of the light, emerged two smaller ones.

One went east, the other west and disappeared amazingly quickly, from our view. We were still following the large light, which seemed to be still crawling eastward when the two smaller light reappeared, although neither of us saw them arrive at the bottom of the larger light - they were just there, and went straight in. Within a few seconds of their arrival the larger light left at a great rate of knots and it was out of our view in less than a second.

Quite astonishing!


Paul Sinclair

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