Truth Proof Report 105 - Dark green oval

Reported via the Truth Proof website21st September 2021

Approximately around 1.40 am I was awoken by my neighbours' dog barking. A gust of wind and a screeching sound above the sound of barking faded after a minute, I myself was looking out at the full moon which was in view. The clouds where moving fast and not going over the moon so it was bright.

After ten minutes of watching, I noticed, a good few streets away, through through the clouds, at approximately 2000ft was a bright dark green light like a beach ball. This came zig zagging through the clouds. It came to a stop about 40 feet in the air beside next door's roof

It was silent and looked oval shaped with a dark green light in the middle that was hard to look at because it was so bright.

I thought the ufo was looking at me, so I opened the window fully to get a better look at it, and at that moment it flew away very fast with no noise at all. I was shaken by the whole experience.

A week before, my partner 2.30 to 3.00 am a week before was awoken around 2.30 to 3.00 a.m. by a horrid buzzing sound which she describes as a aircraft above our house. The wind again was high and dogs were barking viciously like a pack of dogs, but where we live in Malton we don’t know of any packs of dogs around.

4 months previously to that my partner woke up at 4.00 a.m. unexpectedly. We have a view from our window — we don’t shut blinds. She woke up and sat up to see a ball of white light in a field through the trees. In a blink of a eye it shot off.

Many strange happenings have been going on lately. I am now certain there is something out there .

J & S, Malton, North Yorkshire

"J & S"

from J's window with his indication of where the ufo was
from J's window with his indication of where the UFO was


Paul Sinclair

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