Truth Proof Report 103 - mysterious light

Reported via the Truth Proof website18th September 2021

follow-up research by Paul is ongoing

Report 103:

A mysterious light

Hi Paul, hope you are keeping well.

This morning at about 8.30 i was on the clifftops at Danes dyke and spotted a stationary light over Filey cliffs, it was very misty but i took a photo. The original is a very pale picture.

You can see a van parked on the country park and to the right of the light you can make out the rocket pole. It's probably something mundane but looks rather odd to me. Best regards , D


Paul comments: Thank you so much D for taking the time to send me a photograph. It is very interesting, and from my perspective a bit inconclusive. As you say it was not sunny so most unlikely to be something glinting in the sunshine.

You will see we have pushed a bit more out of the photo. It could be that whatever was producing that very strong light was actually situated at the top of Filey cliffs. But why?

It is just possible I suppose that the mist was very local to yourself and it was broad sunshine towards the cliffs.

Given that so many anomalous lights are seen along this coast I certainly wouldn't rule out a more mysterious explanation for your sighting.

Again, thanks for this most intriguing report.

What do other people think???


Paul Sinclair

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