Truth Proof Report 93 - light in the sky photographed

Saturday 9th May

Phone message and photos to Paul Sinclair. More information is being sought

(More) Orange lights in the sky near Whitby (Sandsend)

As Jeremy reports:

Hi Paul,

Walking along the Whitby beach towards Sandsend last Saturday night, I was scanning the sky and happened to notice one bright orange ball.

As soon as I saw it I looked at my watch and it was 9pm. As myself and my musses stood looking, another appeared not far from it so I got my phone out and started taking photos. As I was doing that my misses said "oh theres three now" so I stopped taking photos to look but I could only see two and then they blinked out. I really couldnt estimate a size but if they hadnt disappeared I would have thought they could be early evening stars.

Jeremy added on a further message,

I saw one at first, then the the second, that's when I took the zoomed in photo, I zoomed out to try and give it some distance perspective when my misses said "there's three! Look!"

I looked and my eyes aren't as good as hers so I could only see two, then in seconds they faded. Like I said I made sure to look at my watch when I saw them and it was 9pm looked again when they faded and it was 9:02.


Here are some of Jeremy's photos from his phone. We have cropped and sharpened one. Make of them what you will. We at Truthproof are open minded about what causes this regular phenomenon along the east Yorkshire coast.

Granted, we are not pretending to see little green men smiling and waving from portholes as they cruise by, but we are still looking for a water-tight explanation....

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orange light over Sandsendlorange light over Sandsendorange light over Sandsend


Paul Sinclair

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