Truth Proof Report 86 - moving lights at Bempton

Direct observation by Paul Sinclair and the Truth Proof team. 10th April 2021

    © Paul Sinclair and Truth Proof 2021

A short clip of footage filmed by myself whilst on the Clifftops at Bempton on the 10th April 2021

If you watch it closely you will actually see six objects moving about in the footage. At the point where I say there are 2 of them, in fact, 3 more come into view in the lower part of the frame. At the time I was only concentrating on the 2 that I could see with the naked eye.

Then at around 27 seconds in a 5th object comes into view from the top left-hand portion of the screen and proceeds to move down past the bright star.

As you can hear, there was no sound on this clear night with just a light breeze.

I am not making any claim as to what they are, except to say that they are very unusual.

Paul, Amanda & Bob

Note: the report on this sighting is not yet complete. Amanda, who was present, also had a camera and binoculars, and may well be able to add to this sighting, which in itself, is not unusual in this area. What is going on? A fuller version of this sighting will be included in Paul Sinclair's upcoming book, More Things in Heaven and Earth.


Paul Sinclair

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